How to win Masterchef India - By Kunal Kapur

As part of our growing up I am sure we all are used to hearing to this, “Khana Khanae Se Pehle Haat Saaf karo” (Clean your hands before you begin to eat) and that occasional shout across the house right through the noise of the shower, by the mother “Remember to clean behind the Ears”. My mother being much disciplined on cleanliness still loves to saythat to everyonein the family. It has become like a thanks giving prayer that chants through my mother before every meal.

The 5 “S” - Remember the 5 "S” of a good dish is Sweet, Savoury, Spice, Sour and SURPRISE

Look around and you will be inspired -

To create magic with food, to have those creative combinations of ingredients, to have that eye popping presentations, you don't need years of training. In fact just be present to what is around you. Colours, flavours and textures are all around you, just look around and mix and match.

Let the food talk -

Many a times you talk too much about what all you know and can do and a lot many times one tends to speak negative about other contestants. My advise is to keep away from unnecessary conversations, keep your focus on cooking, be present to the ingredients and cook. Once done explain your dish as you would read beautiful lines of a poem. Remember this, keep your head down and cook, let the dish speak for itself.

Be creative and challenge yourself once a while -

It is perfectly ok to take that leap of faith every once in a while, if it pays off it might pay off big. Food is like that, you add and subtract and everything changes.

We are looking for great taste, presentation and creativity

Remember it does not matter who you are, where you come from and what you are dealing with. We would empathise with you but we still would judge you for your dish and what you plated on that day.

Work with what you are strong at -

Some times time is not enough to learn and as it is no one can ever learn everything about food. So when in Masterchef Kitchen, use what you are good at to the max. Work with you strong suites not against them.

Be an exciting soul -

Keep the excitement alive in you, after all your food is a reflection of you and you don't want to be boring.

Enjoy every single minute of it -

Content Image Cooking in Masterchef Kitchen is a privilege, enjoy every bit of it. The more you enjoy the more people will love you.

Sob Stories won't work -

Remember you will be judged on the food you cook. You are as good as the last dish you cooked in the challenge.

Luck wont last for long-

Its not your good stars that will drive your wins in the masterchef kitchen all the time, its your hard work that will get you the top spot. So read on food whatever time you get.

Keep it simple keep it exciting -

The best way to impress the judges is to keep your food simple. Simple does not mean easy, it simply means add an element of excitement and surprise.

No repeats -

Stay away from repeating what you have already cooked.

Every second counts -

In masterchef it is all about finishing in time and in style. Plan your work and work your plan. Don't waste a single minute in looking what the other is doing. spend first 5 minutes to plan and then execute the plan.

Clarity of thought -

Be absolutely clear what you want to see on the plate when the time is up . Work backwards and for that have the thought behind the dish very clear.

Life Beyond Masterchef -

Be graceful even in defeat because there is life beyond Masterchef. People will love you for who you are so be honest. And yes your end in Masterchef Kitchen is only the beginning of your food dream.