Kada Prasad

Kada Prasad or Atte Ka Halwa is sweet/dessert made with whole wheat flour. Best is to use a freshly ground flour that is grainy and coarse. The coarse flour gives it a better texture and mouth feel. It is made in desi ghee (clarified butter) and sweetened with sugar mixed with water. Water gives it volume. 

In sikh community kada prasad holds special importance. It is prepared fresh daily in gurudwaras and all who pray are offered the kada prasad as a sign of blessings and reassuring that no one goes empty handed who seeks Guru Ji Blessings. It is a very simple and humble halwa but bursting with flavour and addictive taste. As a kid I remember going to the gurudwara to get the halwa. Often I would stand twice or thrice in the que to get another helping of the tasty halwa. Sometimes served directly in your palms, I remember licking off the ghee from my fingers and palm after finishing the halwa. Many a times the halwa was hot so one would keep shifting it from one palm to the other to cool it before savouring it.

The key to a good halwa is to cook the whole wheat flour on a slow flame and get a brown colour with a sandy/grainy texture. Once you start cooking the flour you have to stir it continuously. And at the correct time add the thin sugar syrup.

Here is the recipe for Kada Prasad (4 portions)

Ghee (clarified butter) - 1 cup

Atta (whole wheat flour) - 1 cup

Sugar - 1 cup

Water - 2 cups


Mix water & sugar and bring to a boil and remove. The idea is to just dissolve the sugar and not reduce it.

In a pan heat the ghee and add atta. Cook on a slow flame till the colour gradually changes into a golden brown. At this stage add the syrup and on slow flame cook till it absorbs all the water. Cook for some more time till the ghee ooze out of the sides of the halwa.

Serve hot.

For the Kada Prasad video click the link https://goo.gl/ySBtp4

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