Channa Dal Namkeen | Namkeen Recipe | Diwali Snacks


chana dal

chana dal

If you want to serve a homemade snack to your family, try this chana dal namkeen, which is crunchy, crispy, tasty Diwali snacks. and this is easy to cook. A healthy snack for guilt-free munching.  Teatime becomes a festive occasion with delicious Chana Dal Namkeen. With no sugar, zero cholesterol, and no trans fat. Try out this simple, easy, and delicious Diwali Snacks Recipe by Chef Kunal Kapur. 

Makes 2cups


Channa dal – 2 cups

Baking soda – 2tsp

Water – 1lt

Kitchen duster for drying

Oil – to fry


For masala

Heeng – ¾ tsp

Salt – ¾ tsp

Black salt – ¾ tsp

Amachur – 1tbsp

Mint leaves – 1½ tbsp

Chilli powder -1tsp



Wash and soak the chana dal for at least 4hours(overnight soaking preferred)in 1lt of water along with baking soda. Discard the water and spread the chana dal on a kitchen towel dab to remove any excess moisture from the dal. You can also place the dal under a fan for 15-20 mins to dry off the surface moisture.

Heat oil in a deep vessel and fry the chana dal on medium heat, increase the heat after few minutes to cook them completely.

For the masala mix all the ingredients together and keep aside.

Remove the chana dal from the oil using a strainer and place it in a bowl, while it is still hot sprinkle the masala and toss them together. Once it cools down completely serve it.


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