Phalsa or Falsa is a summer berry that comes for 3-4 weeks in India. This tiny berry has a big seed and less of flesh. But the taste is sweet n fruity sour but addictive. Best way to consume is to sprinkle with some salt and black salt and eat them. But its sherbet has to be made fresh and consumed fresh. It has a very refreshing taste at the same time helps fight heat strokes, help the stomach in digestion and induces hunger. #Phalsa #falsa #Summer #KKitchen #KunalKapurRecipes



Falsa (berry) – 500 gms
Sugar – 100 gms
Salt – 1tsp
Black Salt – 1tsp
Water (chilled) – 1.250 lt


Wash & clean the falsa berry with cold water. Drain all the water and place them in a tray. Sprinkle sugar, salt and black salt on the berry. Mix with hands and mash it a bit. Leave it aside (not in a fridge) for an hour so that the berry starts to wilt. You can also keep it in the sun to quicken the process.

Now crush the berries with your hands to remove the pulp from the seeds. Add 1 lt chilled water and mash again. Strain the berries and rub the pulp against the sieve to extract the pulp. Add the remaining chilled water and squeeze out through the sieve.

Portion it out in glasses and check for sugar & salt if required. Serve immediately. You can refrigerate it and consume within 2 days.