How to make a Fluffy Omelette | Kunal Kapur Breakfast Recipes | Egg Recipes

Serves 1


Eggs – 2nos

Salt – a pinch

Oil – 1tbsp

Butter – 1tbsp


Crack the eggs and separate the yolk and the whites. Whisk the whites using an electric whisk fluff up the whites. Then fluff up the yolks. Mix them together, sprinkle salt and whisk again.

Whisk till the eggs do not fall off even when the bowl is upturned. Heat a pan and add some oil. Pour the beaten eggs in the pan and put the heat to low. Do not stir or mix or shake the pan. After 30 seconds gently lift the omelette from one side and drop a small piece of butter. Repeat the same around the omelette.

Now carefully place a flat laddle underneath the omelette and flip it carefully. let it cook for a minute and remove to a plate and serve immediately.