How to Cook Malpua with Rabri

How to Cook Malpua with Rabri

Makes 25nos
Prep time – 15mins
Cooking time – 30 mins

Sugar Syrup
Water – 250ml
Sugar – ½ kg
Cardamom powder – ½ tsp
Rose water – 1 tbsp 

Flour all purpose(maida) – 1 cup/150 gms
Khoya – 2½ cups/500gms
Semolina Fine Grain (Sooji) – ¾ cup/ 150gms
Corn Starch – 6½ tbsp/50gms
Water – 1½ cup/400 ml
Saffron water (strong) – 1 tbsp 
Fennel Seeds  – 1tbsp
Cardamom Powder – ½ tsp
Syrup consistency to be 1 string 
Oil – for frying

milk (full fat) – 1 lt (reduce to 400 ml)
sugar – 1/3 cup/70 gms 
Rose water – 1 tbsp
Cardamom powder – a pinch 
Fennel seeds (optional) – 2 tsp

For sugar syrup, take water and add sugar. Keep cooking till it becomes a single string consistency.
Add rose water to it. Flavour this with cardamom powder. 
In another bowl add khoya, maida and Suji. Add cornflour and water and mix it. Using a whisk beat
the mixture. Add saffron to this. Add sauf, green cardamom and mix. Heat oil in a pan and spread
the batter. As they cook, they will start floating. At the stage cook in a high flame.  Take the Malpua
out and soak in sugar syrup for 10 mins. After that plate the malpua. 
For Rabri add full fat milk in a pan and cook till it thickens. You can add condensed milk to this or
sugar. Add cardamom powder and Saul to it. Give it a nice stir. Cool the Rabri and serve with the