Avocado Kulfi

Prep: 1hr 5 min Yields: 4.5 lts Servings

Indian home made ice cream with creamy Avocados


Avocados (ripe & firm) - 8no
Milk full cream - 15 lts
Sugar - 750gms


  • Run a sharp knife from the top of the avocado in a circular motion. Slightly twist the avocado and separate the halves. Remove the seed and discard it. Peel off the hard skin and cut the avocado into very small dices.
  • Bring the milk to a boil and then keep simmering it for an hour. Add sugar and remove from fire once it dissolves. Cool the reduced milk completely.
  • Now in kulfi moulds add some chopped avocados. Pour in the kulfi mixture and deep freeze it. Demould and serve frozen.

Recipe Video