Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Prep: 15 min Cook: Nil Number of Portions: 02


Chocolate Dark - 100gms
Fresh Strawberries - Handful
Satay Sticks - as required
Potato or any hard vegetable - 1 no


  • Break the chocolate in a clean bowl and put it inside a warm oven or a microwave or melt it over a double boiler. Take care to just melt the chocolate and not overheat it.
  • Clean the strawberries in cold running water and wipe them dry completely. Pierce the head of the strawberry with the satay stick and take it half way. Now dip the strawberry in chocolate uptill half way. Pull out and stick the satay into a potato till the chocolate on the strawberries dries up. Once completely dried stack them as a bunch and offer.

Recipe Video