Malpura, Fresh Fruits & Rabri

Prep: 10 min Cook: 10 min Number of Portions: 04

Malpura Stack with Fresh Fruits and Rabri



Khoya dhab -100gm
Maida -150 gms
Saunf - 1tsp
Milk - 100ml
Water - 50ml
Saffron - 1/4 gm
oil - for frying
Sugar - 250 gms


  • Add 1 tbsp warm water in saffron and keep aside. Mix milk and water. Mash the khoya with the palm of your hand. Slowly add maida and milk and keep rubbing the mixture. Once it is of thick pouring consistency add saunf. Now add the saffron.
  • Heat oil in a flat kadai or a pan. Pour malpua batter and make round shape. Fry till light golden. Remove and dip in sugar syrup.
  • For sugar syrup, in a separate pan mix sugar and equal amount of water and boil it and reduce to half.
  • For rabri boil milk in a thick bottom pan, add grated khoya. Cook till is is pouring consistency. Now add sugar, elichi pwd and pista chopped. Remove from fire and keep to chill.
  • Thinly slice all fruits and pour out passion fruit.
  • To plate up interlayer malpua discs with sliced fruits and rabri. You can comfortably stack 3 malpuas and drizzle with passion fruit.

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