Mince Pie

Prep: 20 min Cook: 25 min Number of Portions: 10 nos


Raisin - 100gm
Candied orange-100gm
Black current -100gm
Glazed cherry - 100gm
Sugar -100gm
Butter -200gm
Eggs -1no.
Mix spice powder-5 gm
Flour - 400gm
Rum -150ml.
Breadcrumb - 150gm.


  • Soak all dry fruits in rum with mixed spice powder over night. To this add fresh breadcrumb.
  • Separately cream butter and sugar together till soft then add flour and egg forming dough. Keep in a fridge for half hour.
  • Rollout the dough about 1.5cm thick. Line 6 moulds with this dough.Fill in the above fruit mix into the pie shell. With the remaining dough, knead again and roll out. Cover the pie with this dough and seal the edges.
  • Bake at 170c for 25min.
  • Mix spice powder is made of equal quantity of cinnamon, cloves, dry ginger, nutmeg and mace.

Recipe Video