Paan Supari Cheese Cake with Gulkand Jelly

Prep: 25 min Cook: 20 min Number of Portions: 20


Sweetened whipped cream -400 gm
Gelatin -10 gm
Paan leaves puree -100 gm
Milk -100 ml
Fennel seed -30 gm
Supari - 10 gms
Dry rose petals -30 gm
Mascarpone cheese - 200 gm
For jelly- Gulkand -100 gm
Water -100 gm
Gelatin -8 gm


  • For jelly soak gelatin for 10min in 20ml cold water. Boil rest of water and gulkand. Add gelatin to this mixture when hot and set in a mould keep in fridge for 2hrs to set.
  • For mousse boil together paan leaves puree, milk, fennel seeds, supari and rose petals. Strain, allow to cool and add mascarpone cheese, melted gelatin and then fold in the whipped cream.
  • Layer this mousse mixture in a rectangle mould filling 1/3 of the pan, level it with a spoon. Add a layer of pre set jelly and then fill the mould with remaining mousse.
  • Keep in fridge for 1hr, demould and cut into desired shape.

Recipe Video