Shakarkandi Ka Halwa

Prep: 15 min Cook: 15 min Number of Portions: 2


Shakarkandi (boiled and peeled and mashed) - 1 1/2cup
oil - 3 tbl spn
Sugar - 3 tbl spn
Cardamom powder -1 tsp
Vanilla essence - few drops
Saunf powder - 1 tsp
Milk low fat - 400ml
Almonds chopped - 2 tbl spn
Pista chopped - 1 tbl spn
Walnuts chopped -2 tbl spn


  • In thick bottomed pan heat oil and on a slow flame lightly brown all the 3 nuts. Once they turn brown add the mashed sweet potato.
  • Quickly saute it for 3 minutes. Then pour in the milk and cook on a slow flame for 10 mins. Add the sugar, vanilla essence, cardamom powder and saunf powder.
  • Keep stirring it till it becomes thick like a suji halwa.
  • Serve hot.

Recipe Video


This exciting recipe of sweet potato keeps one warm and uses oil that keeps it light and healthy.