Prep: 45 min Cook: 25 min Number of Portions: 6 breads (150gms each approx)


Flour - 500gm
Butter - 200gm
Cinnamon powder - 20gm
Sugar - 120gm
Yeast -15gm
Marzipan - 80gm
Milk -100ml
Water -200ml
Salt -10gm
Eggs - 1no
Candied fruits -130gm


  • Make dough by mixing flour,20gm sugar,5gm cinnamon powder,50gm butter,yeast,milk,water,salt, eggs and candied fruits.
  • Make a flat bread of 100gm each and roll in 20gm of marzipan, then fold the bread over and let it prove for 30min.Bake at 180c for 20min. Allow to rest for 10mins.
  • Combine remaining cinnamon powder and sugar. Then fry the stolen in clarified butter for two minutes on medium flame. Take out and immediately roll in the prepared cinnamon sugar.

Recipe Video