Gulab Jamun (with milk powder)
Makes 12nos

For syrup 
Sugar – 2cups
Water – 1cup
Saffron (optional) – a pinch
Lemon wedge – 1no

For the dough 
Milk Powder – 2cups/250gms
Ghee – 4tbsp/55gms
Baking soda – ½tsp/2gms
Dash of water
Flour (all purpose/maida) – ¼ cup
Oil – for deep frying


For syrup – in a pan mix together sugar, water, saffron and squeeze lemon wedge. After squeezing add the wedge as well and bring it to a boil. Keep cooking till the syrup becomes of 1 string consistency. Remove and keep aside.

For the dough mix together milk powder, ghee, baking soda and a dash of water. Mix them together to make a very thick paste that is almost like a runny dough. Make sure you add just enough water to bring all the powder together into a thick paste.

Heat a pan and add the paste and cook on low heat for 2-3mins. Once the paste thickens up and becomes like a dough remove it to a plate and cool it completely.

Add flour to it and knead it like a dough. Mix it well and divide the dough into small ping pong size balls. Put these balls in the fridge for at least 30mins before frying.

Heat oil in a deep pan and on medium to high heat deep fry the dough balls. Stir the oil without touching the gulab jamuns as they might break. Once they get an even brown colour remove them and add them to the sugar syrup.

Remember the temperature of the syrup needs to be luke warm and not hot.

Let them sit there for 45mins before serving them. You can serve them cold or hot.