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Boondi Ladoo


Ladoo is the most famous sweet in India. Boondi Ladoo is also the most popular dessert, that we distribute for thanksgiving. Boondi laddu is like golden pearls of gram flour cooked in pure desi ghee, with cashews and raisins, shaped into round dessert balls. Celebration means ladoo and Boondi Laddu is a delicious Indian sweet made for special occasions. This is also the most popular sweet among the Hindu Gods. You will never find lord Ganesha idol without Laddo in his hand. We also worship Ganesha before starting any auspicious activity. Thus, Ladoo also becomes an integral recipe in any auspicious ceremonies. Enjoy Diwali with your favorite sweet made at home!

Makes 2kg


Besan – 500gms

Turmeric – a pinch

Yellow colour – a pinch

Orange colour – a pinch

Water – 600ml

Oil – for frying

Back cardamom – 4no

Melon seeds – handful

Cardamom powder – 1tsp


For syrup

Sugar – 900 gms

Water – 400ml

Yellow colour – a pinch

Orange colour – a pinch



Make a batter with besan and then fry them in hot oil. Drain it in a strainer.

For syrup we need to make one string consistency sugar syrup. Add colour to the syrup along with cardamom powder.

Add besan dana in sugar syrup and give a quick boil. Turn off heat and cover and keep for 1min. The besan dana should soak up all the syrup.

Spread it on a tray and let it cool a bit. While it is still warm start shaping it like a ladoo.