All Purpose Garam Masala

Makes 1cup


Bayleaf – 3nos

Cinnamon (1.5 inch) – 10nos

Black cardamom – 4nos

Nutmeg (small) – 1no

Cardamom – ¼ cup

Black Peppercorn – 3tbsp

Mace (large & whole) – 2nos

Cloves – 2 tbsp

Fennel seeds – 3tbsp

Cumin – ¼ cup

Coriander seeds – ¾ cup

Caraway – 2tbsp

Pathar Ke Phool – 2 large nos

Kasoori Methi – 4tbsp

Rose petals (dried) – ¼ cup

Ginger Powder – 1½ tbsp


Segregate all the spices in accordance to their size. Now lightly toast them on a hot pan so that any moisture dries up. For delicate herbs just warm them to make them crips and then grind them with the rest of the spices. Once ground pass it through a strainer and if there are any aoarse pieces left then grind them again.

Once powdered place it in an air tight container and use.

Points to keep in mind while preparing Garam Masala at home

  • In olden days in Indian medicine was food and food was medicine. For centuries healing happened with use of various mixtures of spices and herbs that were added to food. And hence garam masala was born.
  • Each masala(spice) has a character in flavour, taste & aroma, so add spices to balance each other.
  • There can be no one single garam masala recipe that works for every recipe. You have different spices and herbs for different dishes.
  • Make sure to use dried herbs and spices for garam masala.
  • You can sun dry the spices & herbs for few hours to a day or can lightly toast them on a pan or tawa.
  • Remember we have to Toast the spices not Roast the spices. Roasting the spices will alter the taste and colour of the final powdered garam masala.
  • dry toast the spices together depending on their size. So all large similar size spices gets toasted together and smaller together.
  • Delicate herbs are to be gently heated to remove any moisture from them, over heating will kill their flavour.
  • Each spice has a distinct taste but broadly they can be classified as Sweet, Spicy, Bitter and Neutral. A good garam masala balances out these 4 things to bring our a bouquet of flavours intended to add a punch to the dish/meal.
  • if grinding spices using an electric grinder make sure to grind it in short bursts rather than running it continuously as running it for long will heat up the spices there by giving loss of flavour.