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Cham Cham

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Cham Cham

Bengali Methai Made of Cheese & Milk Solids


    Cham Cham is pure love. Soft firm cheese on the outside with a creamy khoya center.

    • 55mins
    • Serves 0
    • Medium



    For Syrup 

    Sugar – 1kg

    Water – 250ml


    For Dough 

    Milk (full cream) – 2lt

    Vinegar – 6tbsp

    Water – 2lt

    Flour (all purpose) – 1tbsp

    Water – a dash 


    For Filling

    Khoya – ¾ cup

    Sugar – 1tbsp

    Cardamom powder – ½ tsp

    Pista chopped – handful

    Mik – 2tbsp

    Saffron Dissolved – 1tbsp



    Mix sugar and water together and bring to a boil. Remove scum and cook the sugar till it thickens to just under a single string consistency.


    In a fresh pan heat milk and bring to a boil. Remove from heat, wait for 2mins and add vinegar. Do not stir but merely using a laddle try and gently move the milk solids together. If you boil the milk at this stage or vigorously mix it then the chenna (cheese) you get has dana in it. We need the chenna to be just like the consistency of ricotta or mozzarella. Once milk curdles completely add tap water and then strain it. Squeeze completely to remove the water.


    Spread out the chenna on the counter and gently rub it to remove and grain in it. Do not over rub as this will cause the chenna to leave oil. Also if the milk is too hot and vinegar is added the chenna tends to leave the oil, that’s why it is advisable to leave the milk for 2 mins after removing from heat. In case chenna leaves oil, add a dash of milk and light mix  the dough and then use it.


    Divide into equal balls of 20 grams each. Flatten and give them an oblong shape. Add them in boiling sugar syrup. Remember at this stage the syrup has to be just under one string consistency so that by the time cham cham is cooked the sugar syrup is thick.

    Mix flour and water and add it to the centre of the boiling syrup. This will cause bubbling of the syrup which in turn makes sure that cham cham cooks evenly. Keep the heat on high at all times and cook for approx 15mins or cook them till you see a light jali on top of them. 


    Once ready remove cham cham with a little syrup into a bowl to get completely cold. Once it is cold place it in fridge to get chilled.

    In the meantime for the filling heat a pan, add grated khoya, sugar, cardamom powder, pista and a dash of milk. Warm it up so that the sugar dissolves and khoya becomes non grainy. Remove immediately to a plate and spread it to cool it completely.


    Once cold mix it together to make it creamy, if it is a bit tight then you can add a dash of milk to soften it. Now drain out the syrup from the cham cham, slit it from the centre lengthwise and place a small ball of the khoya filling. Spread the filling, give a finger touch of saffron on top and garnish with pista. 

    Put it on to a platter and repeat for the remaining cham cham. Once done refrigerate and serve it cold.

    Chef Kunal Kapur

    Having served the world with his delicious delicacies, Chef Kunal Kapur is revered by every food connoisseur. An all-in-one Indian celebrity chef, restaurateur, and media personality, Kunal Kapur has helped all of us get a taste of his cooking secrets through his cookbooks.

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