Indian homemade ice cream with creamy Avocados

Prep: 1hr 5 min
Yields: 4.5 lts Servings


  • Avocados (ripe & firm) – 8no
  • Sugar – 750gms
  • Milk full cream – 15 lts


  1. Run a sharp knife from the top of the avocado in a circular motion. Slightly twist the avocado and separate the halves. Remove the seed and discard it. Peel off the hard skin and cut the avocado into very small dices.
  2. Bring the milk to a boil and then keep simmering it for an hour. Add sugar and remove from fire once it dissolves. Cool the reduced milk completely.
  3. Now in kulfi molds add some chopped avocados. Pour in the kulfi mixture and deep freeze it. Demould and serve frozen.