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Potato Wedges | Crispy Spicy Potato

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Adjust Servings:
6nos Potato Large
1tbsp Salt
2 tbsp Flour (all purpose)
for deep fry Oil
to taste Chaat masala
For Batter
½ cup Flour (all purpose)
¼ cup Rice flour
¼ cup Corn starch
3tbsp Besan (gram flour)
to taste Salt
½ tbsp Chilli flakes
½ tbsp Oregano dried
handful Coriander chopped
½ tsp Pepper powder
1½ tsp Garlic chopped
1½ tbsp Butter
as required Water

Potato Wedges | Crispy Spicy Potato

Potato Wedges Recipe | Crispy Spicy Potato | Kunal Kapur Recipes

  • Suitable for vegetarian

Potato wedges are wedges of potatoes, often large and unpeeled, that are either baked or fried. wedges are often confused with potato fries which are generally thin and have a different shape.
an easy to make potato-based snack recipe which is usually served as sides in fast food or fine dining restaurants with main meals. Generally, potato wedges are served with sweet chili sauce or sour cream with extra seasonings on top of crisp wedges along with the burger.

  • 40mins
  • Serves 4
  • Medium


  • For Batter



Fun facts about potatoes

The Inca Indians in Peru were the first to cultivate potatoes around 8,000 BC to 5,000 B.C. In 1536 Spanish Conquistadors conquered Peru, discovered the flavors of the potato, and carried them to Europe.

The Portuguese introduced potatoes, which they called ‘Batata’, to India in the early seventeenth century when they cultivated it along the western coast.

British traders introduced potatoes to Bengal as a root crop, ‘Alu’. By the end of the 18th century, it was cultivated across northern hill areas of India.

Wajid ali shah (deposed in 1856) – using aloo in biryani

Despite its appearance, potato is made up of 80% water and only 20% of solid.

Another one for the record, potato is the first-ever vegetable successfully grown in space when it was taken with the space shuttle Columbia in 1995.

Potato might be a vegetable, but it beats orange in having more vitamin C, banana with more potassium, and apple with more fiber content.



Wash the potatoes to remove any dirt from the skin. Cut them into large wedges and put them cold water for an hour to remove excess starch.


Wash them and place them in a pan, pour sufficient water to boil them sprinkle generous salt and cook them till they are half cooked.


Remove them into a strainer once done and then spread them on a plate to cool them completely.


For the batter mix all the ingredients mentioned under batter to make a thin coating & pouring consistency batter. In order to check the correct consistency, dip a spoon in the batter and if it coasts the back of the spoon lightly but evenly then the batter is right.


Sprinkle some dry flour over potatoes and toss them. Dip them in the batter and deep fry them in hot oil till crisp. Remove on to an absorbent paper and sprinkle some chaat masala and serve them hot.

Chef Kunal Kapur

Having served the world with his delicious delicacies, Chef Kunal Kapur is revered by every food connoisseur. An all-in-one Indian celebrity chef, restaurateur, and media personality, Kunal Kapur has helped all of us get a taste of his cooking secrets through his cookbooks.

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