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Nachos with Salsa & Cheese Sauce

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Adjust Servings:
For Dough
1 cup Maize Flour (makki ka atta)
½ cup Flour (maida)
a generous pinch Salt
as required Warm Water
for deep frying Oil
For Cheese Sauce
2tbsp Butter
2tbsp Flour (maida)
¾ cup Cheese (grated)
1½ cups Milk
½ tsp Chilli powder
For Tomato Salsa (Pico De Gallo)
1cup Tomato chopped
½ cup Onion chopped
to taste Green chilli chopped
to taste Salt
to taste Pepper
4 tbsp Lemon juice
handful Coriander chopped
For Toppings
handful Rajma (boiled)
handful Grated Cheese
handful Corn nibblets
handful Olives
few Jalapeños

Nutritional information

1951 cals
106.8 gms
232.6 gms
1744.8 gms
167.6 gms
84.8 gms

Nachos with Salsa & Cheese Sauce

  • Suitable for vegetarian

Crunchy Home Made Nachos & Salsa.

  • 60 mins
  • Serves 2
  • Medium


  • For Dough

  • For Cheese Sauce

  • For Tomato Salsa (Pico De Gallo)

  • For Toppings



Nachos are a Mexican dish invented in 1940’s. The original nachos consisted of fried corn tortilla chips covered with melted cheese and sliced jalapeños.

Chef Kunal Kapur is cooked a variation of nachos in 60 mins with basic ingredients from Indian market. It is made of all-purpose flour, chips covered with melted cheese.



For the dough

Mix together maize flour, all purpose flour, salt and pour warm water and knead it into a soft dough. With the addition of maida the dough will hold together. Give this dough rest for about 10mins and then divide it into equal sized balls of the approx size of a golf ball.


Dunk the dough in some dry flour and roll it out round and thin. Heat a pan or tawa to high heat and cook the tortilla. Turn over and cook on the other side. Make sure to only half cook the tortilla. Remove and place it under a clean napkin.


Repeat the same for the rest of the dough. Now just stack all of them together and cut them into triangles. Heat oil in a vessel to medium hot and deep fry them till crisp and light brown in colour.
Do not fry in too hot oil as it will not make the bread crispy. Remove them on to an absorbent paper to remove any excess oil. Place them on to the serving patter.


For Tomato Salsa

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and toss them together. Check and adjust the seasoning and the salad is ready.


For Cheese Sauce

Melt butter and flour and saute them for a min on low heat. Add milk and on gentle heat allow it to thicken a little. Add grated cheese and chilli powder and mix them. Remove from heat and keep aside. Incase the sauce is grainy then just blend it with a stick blender and use.


For Assembling

Place the nachos on the platter, sprinkle some tomato salsa on top, some grated cheese, boiled rajma(kidney beans), some olives, jalapeños and corn. Serve it with remaining salsa and cheese sauce. You can also pour some cheese sauce over the nachos and serve.

Chef Kunal Kapur

Having served the world with his delicious delicacies, Chef Kunal Kapur is revered by every food connoisseur. An all-in-one Indian celebrity chef, restaurateur, and media personality, Kunal Kapur has helped all of us get a taste of his cooking secrets through his cookbooks.

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