How to Cook Crispy Onion Pakora

Garma Garam Onion ke pakore agar mil jaye to phir chahe barsat ho ya na ho. Presenting Cheese stuffed kanda Bhajiya that you can enjoy in any weather. #pakora #cheese #onionpakora #KKitchen #KunalKapurRecipes #ChefKunal #kunalkapoor #kunalkapur #chef

Serves – 4-6

Onion sliced – 4 cups
Green chilli chopped – 2no
Turmeric – ¾ tsp
Chilli powder – ¾ tsp
Ginger chopped – 2tsp
Ajwain – 1tsp
Salt – to taste
Chaat Masala – 1 tsp
Coriander chopped – 2 tbsp
Besan (gram flour) – 1cup
Water – ½ cup approx
Oil – For Frying
Cheese Cubes – as required



In a bowl add all the ingredients except cheese. Mix them together and lightly crush the onions while mixing. Check for seasoning and adjust.

Heat oil in a deep vessel. Take tiny portions of the marinated onions, toss them in the hands to shape them little round and drop them into the hot oil. Deep fry till golden brown, remove and serve hot.

For cheese stuffed onion pakora, take a small portion of the marinated onions and place a cube of cheese. Cover the cheese with the onions and shape it into round. Deep fry them in hot oil till golden brown. Remove and serve hot.