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Goli Idli | Masala Idli

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Goli Idli | Masala Idli

South Indian Snacks Recipe

  • Suitable for vegetarian

Quick rice snack recipe.

  • 45mins
  • Serves 5
  • Easy




For Idli

Water (पानी) – 1½ cup

Salt (नमक) – ¾ tsp

Rice flour (चावल का आटा) – 1½ cup 

Oil (तेल) – as required 


For Masala Goli Idli

Oil (तेल) – 2 tsp

Hing (हिंग) – 1 pinch

Dried Red Chilli (सूखी लाल मिर्च) – 2 pc

Urad Dal (उड़द दाल) – 1 tsp

Chana Dal (चना दाल) – 1 tsp

Green Chilli (हरी मिर्च), Chopped – 1 tsp

Ginger (अदरक), Chopped – 1 tsp

Mustard Seeds (राई) – 1 tsp

Curry Leaves (करी पत्ते) – a handful

Sesame (तिल)- 2 tsp

Carrots (गाजर), Grated – ¼ cup

Salt (नमक) – to taste

Coriander (धनिया), Chopped – 2 tbsp

For Butter Garlic Idli

Butter (मक्खन) – 2 tbsp

Garlic  (लहसून), Chopped – 1 tsp

Green Chilli (हरी मिर्च), Chopped – ½ tsp

Onion (प्याज़), Chopped – 3 tbsp

Corn niblet (मक्का) – a handful

Salt (नमक) – a pinch

Pepper powder (काली मिर्च पाउडर) – to taste

Lemon (नींबू) – ½ pc 

Spring onion (हरी प्याज), Chopped – a handful



For Goli Idli

Add the salt to a pan with boiling water. Now add the rice flour to the pan and stir, mix and cook to make dough on low flame.

Turn the gas off and cover it with a lid and give it rest for at least 5 minute. Then take it out in a mixing bowl or parat. Take some oil in your hands and mix the dough with your hands while it is warm, be careful if it is too hot to handle.
Once a smooth dough is formed, cover it with a wet cloth. Apply some oil at the holding base of a steamer. Take the dough and cut small potions. Roll the portions into ‘Golis’ or balls. Remember, while you are choosing the size of the portions that the size of the balls will double after steaming.
Place these balls in the steamer steam the Idlis for about 10 to 12 mins.


For masala goli idli.

In a pan, heat some oil, and add the hing, dried red chillies, urad dal, and some chana dal. Lightly roast the dals.
To this add some green chillies and ginger and add mustard seeds. Let the mustard seeds crackle.
Now add in the curry leaves, white sesame seeds and cook the sesame seeds for 30 sec and add in the carrots. Finally adjust the salt and toss in the idli in the masala.
Give a few toss and add in the coriander. Serve hot


For butter garlic goli idli.

In a fresh pan, melt some butter, and add in some chopped garlic and green chillies in it. Cook on medium to low flame, to avoid the garlic from turning brown.
To this add some onions and boiled corn and cook while stirring for a few minutes till the onion is translucent.
Now add some salt along with pepper powder and lemon juice and toss the idli in this mixture. To finish add in chopped spring onions and toss. Your butter garlic idli is now ready to serve.

Chef Kunal Kapur

Having served the world with his delicious delicacies, Chef Kunal Kapur is revered by every food connoisseur. An all-in-one Indian celebrity chef, restaurateur, and media personality, Kunal Kapur has helped all of us get a taste of his cooking secrets through his cookbooks.

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